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War Is Hell. Hey Joe, we don't want any more wars! (video

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Feature Articles: 20 yrs ago

Tampa Triangle
Tampa Triangle Smoking Gun Video

Roswell Glyphics Deciphered

Roswell Glyphics Update

The Face on Mars is REAL!

Cydonia Verses

Not Van Flandern but Ignatius

Eye of the Daemon: NBC's Reptilian Eye?

Read Them Now! MJ-12 Docs in JPG image format.

Firmage, The Truth: Complete

Hale Bopp Links: Bopp 'til You Drop!

Pathfinder on the Wrong Path

Space Shuttle Discovery UFO Sighting

UfoSeek page just after 9/11


Total solar eclipse over the United States and North America on April 8, 2024.
Click here for full article about the Great North American eclipse

Interesting that the word planet is two words joined together, Plan et.
The truth is not "out there." It's down here, if you stop believing government lies.

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